On March 10th 2015, news shook the Blue Jays world as it was announced that starting pitcher Marcus Stroman was to receive potentially season ending surgery. His return was unknown but many people described his timetable return as out for the season. Many Blue Jays fans, including myself, were hopeful and encouraging that he could return by the end of the season despite the slim chances of that occurring, but as expected, there were many doubters. They simply thought that Marcus Stroman couldn’t recover from the surgery fast enough in time. But Stroman defied all odds and in just 6 months after receiving knee surgery, he returned to the Blue Jays and pitched in his first game of the season on September 12th 2015 vs the Yankees. He showed up all the doubters that the impossible, was possible. In the midst of doing physio everyday, he studied at Duke University and eventually graduated on May 15th. His hard work ethic paid off not only on the field but off the field as well.

        Now, you may be wondering how Marcus Stroman’s miraculous comeback in 2015 relates to Devon Travis’ situation in 2017, but there are many similarities.On June 12th of this year, Travis who was already on the disabled list with what the Blue Jays described as a “bone bruise on his right knee”, underwent knee surgery (just like Stro) to clean out frayed cartilage. When John Gibbons was asked for a timetable on Travis’ return, he said, “It’ll be a while.” Many are now saying that Travis will be shut down for the season and that a return from him would be unlikely. Right when Gibbons said that, is when the inspiration for this blog post came. Everybody, including those close to Stroman and the Blue Jays organization, were unsure whether he’d be able to return by the end of the season and now this time with Travis, those same comments are coming up again.


Pitcher Marcus Stroman and Second Basemen Devon Travis Photo courtesy Toronto Sun


        My question is, “Can Devon Travis be the next Marcus Stroman?” Both Travis and Stro underwent knee surgeries but even though Travis’ surgery came later in the season while Stroman’s was pre season, I still have confidence in Travis that he can play again this season. Back when Marcus Stroman tore his ACL, I remember thinking to myself that he was going to play this season, no ifs, ands or buts about it. I was so certain on it and my premonition eventually did become a reality. But I can’t say for sure that the same will happen to Travis. While I wish him an extremely speedy recovery, we might not get to see him play until next year. It’d be absolutely amazing for him to take a page out of Stroman’s book and return this September, but that occurance probably won’t happen. Yes, it’s very sad but injuries happen, surgeries happen and recoveries are generally slow processes that need to be dealt with cautiously.

        So, can Devon Travis be the next Marcus Stroman and recover as fast as Stro did?Only time will tell.