After yesterday’s heartbreaking game 1 against the St. Louis Cardinals where Roberto Osuna blew the game for Toronto in the 9th and JP Howell gave up a walk off grand slam in the 11th to Matt Carpenter, Blue Jays fans, as I have noticed on Twitter are really giving the Blue Jays a tough time. Especially to Roberto Osuna after his 3rd blown save of the season saying that he sucks, is horrible and some things I’d rather not say on here.

It’s been tough being a Blue Jays fan this year, trust me as a diehard fan myself, I know, but in the toughest of times, hating isn’t going to make anything better. We need to support the Blue Jays. Positivity is the best thing for motivation and right now, a lot of self-proclaimed Blue Jays fans on Twitter are just saying they’ve given up on the Jays and that everybody on the team sucks, and in my opinion, things need to change.

When your team is struggling, the fans that are actually true to their team will support them through all the highs and lows and the fake fans only like them when they’re winning. Whether you’re a bandwagoner or diehard fan, the Blue Jays need all the positivity they can get right now. They’re going through a tough time finding their groove to win but if us fans can stand by them and cheer them on, they’ll play the best they can, even if it means they come last in their division.

Every Blue Jays fan at the beginning of the season was anticipating an extremely successful season with the amount of power hitters and solid starters on their roster, but have been disappointed so far at how the Jays have performed. But as the Blue Jays hashtag suggests, LET’S RISE  behind the best team, country and fan base in the world! We’ll get through this tough time, one swing, one pitch at a time.