I was wrong.

I hate to admit it, but I was.

I was certain (or at least highly confident), that Edwin Encarnacion would be the one to stay vs Jose Bautista. If any of the two were to stay, EE seemed to be the obvious choice, at least the last to go, but first? And now the odds of Bautista staying are bigger than Edwin’s ever were? My mind is boggled.

Major plot twist if you ask me. This is better than any blockbuster movie. What’s next? Bautista signs with Texas and becomes buddy-buddy with Odor?

On December 22nd (the best early Christmas present any Jays fan could ask for), the Cleveland Indians, the team that slapped us silly in the ALCS, signed OUR Eddie to a $60 million, 3 year contract. As much as it’s hard writing, saying, accepting, etc. that statement, actually witnessing it in 2017 will be even harder. A sharp pain will pass through the heart.

I’m not mad at Edwin, merely disappointed. I’m happy for him, I’ll continue to cheer him on, but if I see him do the Edwing in an Indians uniform, my feelings could quickly change.



The Edwing


It wouldn’t be  betrayal (well actually, it kind of would be) but I think most Jays fans would agree it’s a Toronto thing. Originated there and retired there. Plus, I don’t think the parrot would like it either.

The first time the Blue Jays will face him will be May 8th at the Rogers Centre. For me, it’ll be difficult to adapt. It’s been embedded in my brain that the phrase, “home run for Edwin Encarnacion,” is an amazing thing, so if he happens to hit one during that series, my brain may play tricks on me and accidentally, with no desire to, become a Cleveland fan. Something I never want to identitfy as.

As much as this is a shock to most, a devastation, an unthinkable event, we knew it was coming. The Jays already hinted to us without bluntly saying, “He’s not coming back!”, with the signing of 1B/DH Kendrys Morales. If you think about, Eddie wouldn’t have fit anywhere. If Morales was the DH that day, Eddie would be at first but then where does Smoak go? If Edwin and Kendrys were both Jays, Justin Smoak would be the sufferer caught in the middle. I have a feeling that Smoak is feeling bittersweet about this recent situation.

So, nice knowin’ ya Eddie. Thanks for not picking Boston! Oh, and by the way, if you could talk to Jose about coming back to Toronto, it’d be much appreciated. It’s the least you can do.