Pitcher: Aaron Sanchez     Stats: 15-2 W/L, 3.00 ERA, 192.0 IP, 161 SO

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P Aaron Sanchez,  photo courtesy of Jays Journal

     Originally, pitcher Aaron Sanchez was supposed to conserve his arm, but that didn’t happen and I’m pretty glad it turned out that way. He rocked it in the rotation and ended up getting the American League ERA title with a fantastic ERA of 3.oo.


                          Pitcher: J.A. Happ   Stats: 20-4 W/L, 3.18 ERA, 195.0 IP, 163 SO

     I get pretty passionate when I believe certain Blue Jays deserve a certain award (ahem, Pillar and the whole Gold Glove thing) and I’m extremely passionate about the fact that Happ should win the Cy Young. He’s one of six Jays now to be part of the 20 win club and the odds seem to be in his favour as four of those Jays have won the Cy Young. Looks like the 5th is soon to become.

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P Aaron Sanchez, photo courtesy of Sportsnet



               Pitcher: Roberto Osuna   Stats: 4-3 W/L, 2.68 ERA, 74.0 IP, 82 SO, 36 SVs

     It’s no shock here that Osuna was their best relief pitcher. As their team’s closer, Osuna kept a steady pace save after save all season. He maintained a great ERA of 2.68 in 74 strong innings. And remember: Osuna Matata times means no worries for the rest of the game. Can’t argue with that.

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P Roberto Osuna, photo courtesy of CBC





Player: Edwin Encarnacion   

Stats: 42 HR, 127 RBI, .886 OPS, .357 OBP, .263 BA, 158 H, 601 AB

     Edwin Encarnacion, sadly probably not going to be returning next season in a Blue Jays uniform as his contract is to expire but in his (maybe) final season, he left with a bang. 42 HRs and 127 RBIs! MVP numbers. He was definitely Toronto’s best hitter with Donaldson closely behind him. Thank you Edwin for all you’ve done for this team. Canada will always love you and I know I’ll surely miss the Edwing. Jays fans will always cheer for you( even if you’re a Red Sox).

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Slugger Edwin Encarnacion, photo courtesy of Toronto Star



Player: Josh Donaldson

Stats: 37 HR, 99 RBI, .953 OPS, .404 OBP, .284 AVG, 164 H, 577 AB

     Surprised? I’m guessing no. I picked  Josh Donaldson, the Bringer of Rain, as the Toronto’s Blue Jays Team MVP and looking at his stats, you can see why: 37 homers, 99 runs batted in with a batting average of .284. But it’s not just his batting where he shines, it’s his position at 3rd. Countless plays have made “Best Plays” countdowns which proves that he’s the Jays best all around player. Winner of last year’s American League Most Valuable Player, he’ll once again have a huge shot at the award.                                                                                                                       

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3B Josh Donaldson, photo courtesy of FOX Sports




Player: Ryan Goins

     If you read my blog post “Kevin Pillar aka Superman: He Really Should’ve Won A Gold Glove” chances are you’re confused that I didn’t pick Pillar as the Jays best fielder and deserver of a Gold Glove but second basemen Ryan Goins is my pick for best fielder. He makes spectacular plays at second that never quite get the recognition they deserve and if he doesn’t get a Gold Glove this year, I can guarantee you I’ll write a post just like I did with Pillar.

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2B Ryan Goins making a nice play at second vs the Baltimore Orioles, photo courtesy of Vancouver Sun


Player: Darwin Barney

Play: Pitching Appearance

Date: July 1st 2016 (Canada Day)

     One word to describe the Blue Jays 19 inning Canada Day game against the Cleveland Indians, which they did in fact lose, was long. I for one wasn’t complaining. More baseball the better but the thing I most vividly remember was that n the 19th inning, the extremely talented infielder Darwin Barney came in to pitch, the first time in his career. Yes, he did give up a home run to slugger Carlos Santana which would ultimately be the winning run, but he did something that actual pitcher Drew Storen rarely ever did: struckout a batter. He fanned Mike Napoli. Applause necessary.



Player: Jason Grilli   Stats: 7-6 W/L, 4.12 ERA, 59.0 IP,  81 SO

Nothing in my opinion will ever beat Osuna Matata time, but “Time to Start Up the Grilli”, came close. When the Jays acquired pitcher Jason Grilli from the Atlanta Braves via waivers, looking at his stats from last season I was pretty pleased but not amazed. But, Grilli Time in the 8th was Jason’s Moment. He absolutely rocked and riled up the crowd with his “Get it done!” kind of attitude and he helped the Jays tremendously do that

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P Jason Grilli getting pumped up, photo courtesy of The Star