It’s heartbreaking, I know, but after this season both Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion’s contracts are to expire. Best case scenario, they both return but that’s not going to happen. There is however a more likely chance (albeit a very small chance) that one of them will return in a Blue Jays uniform and that’d probably be Encarnacion. He’s less expensive than Bautista and I don’t mean to offend any Jose Bautista fans but he’s also better. Offensively.

Encarnacion, Bautista during a singing of the national anthem. Courtesy of


      Just like every other Blue Jays fan, I too thought that both Jose and Edwin would retire as Blue Jays but sadly that’s not going to happen. Baseball is a business and it’s more about the money than the team usually. Now both of them love Toronto and would really like to stay, but the Blue Jays just simply can’t afford to resign both if they want extensions on Donaldson or perhaps Saunders and chances are the Blue Jays would really like to have JD around for a few more years. So as I was saying, since the Blue Jays would probably like to extend on Donaldson’s contract they wouldn’t be able to if they spent all their money on Bautista and Encarnacion.

Sources close to the Jays say that the Blue Jays have no intent to resign neither Jose or Edwin which I think is pretty stupid. I understand we can’t resign Bautista but Encarnacion’s doable. If I was Ross Atkins, I would do this. Now some people would not like it at all but I think it  would make the most sense. So Bob McCown thinks that Bautista will end up with the Los Angeles Dodgers either by trade or free agency. I 100% agree with that and I think it will be by trade. Now I don’t want anyone to think  I’m a Jose Bautista hater, I love all my Blue Jays equally (well, I love Roberto Osuna way more than the rest) but anyway, call me crazy but I think we should trade Jose Bautista… for Yasiel Puig! Who’s with me?

Yasiel Puig. Photo courtesy of


It actually, however, does make sense. The Dodgers like Jose Bautista and I’m sure wouldn’t mind at all if they had him rockin’ the LA jersey and they don’t want Puig anymore because of his “attitude”. I mean they sent him down to Triple A even though he I think he was putting up a .370 batting average I July. Now I don’t think Jays fans mind players with a little bit of attitude. See: cocky Josh Donaldson and feisty Brett Lawrie. Having some attitude, some flair to you is just part of the game. So imagine this: Bautista’s in LA (it’d be sad but…), we have Yasiel Puig, we resigned Encarnacion and extended JD’s contract for 3 more years. To die-hard Bautista fans that sounds horrific and they would probably begin to cheer for the Dodgers, but for most Jays fans, I’m guessing, would be pretty pleased.

You get some and you lose some.