After May 15th’s brawl between the Blue Jays and Rangers, it became obvious that Texas has yet to move on from Jose Bautista’s bat flip last October, which makes sense why the Rangers target was Bautista. The 7th inning had much to offer last year, but this game’s 8th inning had lots as well too. Tempers flared, punches were thrown but most importantly, the true colours of certain individuals were exposed.

Admit it: We all knew this brawl was bound to happen. Ever since game 5 of the ALDS in which the Blue Jays faced the Rangers and ultimately won, Texas has despised Toronto, especially Jose Bautista. But did I think it’d be this heated? Not at all. I thought some words would be tossed around, maybe someone get hit by a pitch but I did not think there’d be punches. Boy, were there ever punches. Boxing punches to be more specific.

In the top of the 8th, rookie pitcher Matt Bush, who I might add wasn’t even part of the 7th inning last year, nails Bautista in the elbow and instantly a warning is put in place for both teams. After Justin Smoak hit a grounder, Bautista dashed for 2nd and aggressively slid into Rougned Odor. That’s when things got ugly. Odor pushed Bautista, who was clearly taken aback, then clocked Bautista in the face. That punch was a boxing punch. Bautista got hit so hard that his sunglasses and helmet fell off. As expected, the benches cleared.

The main fighters, who I am greatly proud of, were Kevin Pillar and Josh Donaldson. Pillar was after Odor, but Donaldson got at him first leaving Pillar to just fight. Kevin was mad and I don’t think he really cared who he punched, he just wanted to get a piece of someone but Donaldson on the other hand had only one person in mind: Odor. The look on JD’s face was pure anger when he pounced for Odor and in the end he ended up on the ground with Rangers surrounding him, even one of them on top of him. Bautista, Donaldson and Odor were all ejected (no surprise there) but surprisingly Pillar was not. I don’t know of the umpires missed Pillar battling out but Bautista didn’t even throw a punch and got ejected. My favorite thing that happened though was John Gibbons, who got ejected in the 3rd, came back out even though he’s not allowed.That just proves how much the Blue Jays stand up for each other and are family.

Speaking of standing up, that’s exactly what Jesse Chavez did. He knew he’d be ejected but he intentionally threw at Prince Fielder anyway. Indeed, he instantly got ejected and the benches were cleared again but no punches were thrown. Good thing. I applaud Chavez for doing that. The Rangers deserved a good hit. I honestly think if Chavez hadn’t done that, I would’ve been mad. That needed to be done and I’m glad it did.

Mostly everybody is on Toronto’s side. Those who are on Texas’ side are either Rangers fans or really bad people. Marcus Stroman tweeted:


Justin Verlander and Torii Hunter also offered their support for the Jays. It is known that Rougned Odor is a nasty, disrespectful player so I thank Verlander and Hunter for that because that punch was much too rough. That could’ve easily broken Bautista’s jaw.

In this game I learned 2 things: that the Blue Jays are one, big family who will always stand up for one another and that Odor is as nasty as his last name suggests.