On April 22nd, news rocked the city of Toronto that fan favorite first baseman Chris Colabello was suspended 80 games after testing positive for Turinabol. This suspension also means that if the Blue Jays are fortunate enough to make it to the playoffs, Chris will not be eligible to play. In an emotional interview with Blue Jays Central’s Jamie Campbell, Colabello insists that he is innocent and has absolutely no idea how the drug got into his system. Like many other Jays fans, I believe Chris.

If I was a millionaire, I would bet 1 million dollars that Chris is innocent. I am that sure. Now I’m not just saying he’s innocent because he’s a Blue Jay and I’m a big fan of him (I would believe him if I hated him and he was a Yankee), I believe him because he is a victim of some sort of sabotage plan. During his interview, looking into his eyes, I could see how much he is devastated and that he is telling the truth. Colabello’s eyes are not the eyes of a liar. My opinion isn’t really backing up that he’s innocent but I do have some theories.

Theory #1. Gregg Zaun also said this on Blue Jays Central and it makes absolute sense. All the players know that there is a drug test during spring training, it’s not a random drug test, they know when it is so why would Chris take it if he knew there was going to be a drug test? The answer is he wouldn’t. A player who wants to take a drug is going to be as careful and secretive about it to avoid getting caught so if Colabello ever wanted to do that, he sure wouldn’t do it when he know there is a drug test coming up.

And my 2nd theory: Colabello wouldn’t jeopardize his MLB career. Last year Colabello proved himself to the Jays in a big way going on a 17 game hit streak that he belongs in the big leagues and is an everyday player and would Colabello take Turinabol that could possibly jeopardize his career? Again, no. In his interview with Jamie Campbell he explained tearfully that all he ever wanted to do was play baseball. Just play nad he does ut now for 80 games he doesn’t. A man that emotional about the game of baseball would not do something like take drugs with the possibility of getting suspended.

I don’t have any guesses of who would’ve done this and I pray to God that it wasn’t someone part of the Blue Jays organization but all I have to say is simply, I believe Chris.