I was so excited when the Blue Jays took the lead 4-3 in the 9th but when I then realized they were reviewing the play, I asked myself, “What play could possibly need a review on?”

      The play was Jose Bautista’s slide to 2nd base. His arm hit (or to be more accurate brushed) Logan Forsythe’s leg. It did not affect Forsythe’s throw at all. It was his fault that he threw it wild, not Bautista’s. Bautista did not do anything to make Forsythe bobble the ball. It clearly shows in the video that Forsythe doesn’t skip a beat in his throw. Jose just happened to brush his leg with no intention to make Forsythe fail.

      This incredibly stupid call made by the umpires is just another reason to back up my belief that the umpires hate the Blue Jays. Orioles rivalry ring a bell? This call cost the Blue Jays a win. Bautista did nothing wrong at all. He was sliding the way that 90% of all MLB players slide and he gets called just because he brushed someone’s leg. The umpires were really overreacting this play.

      Now, legally the umpires had the right to call Bautista out as well as Encarnacion because of the new nonsense rule the MLB put out this year. Rule 6.01(j) basically just says that the runner has to slide into the base close enough to reach it but can’t get in the way of the fielder. All I have to say about this rule that although it prevents injury, it’s pretty unnecessary. Baseball is dramatically changing in front of our eyes and not necessarily in a good way.