Why Kevin Pillar didn’t win a Gold Glove still boggles my brain. Now don’t get me wrong, Kevin Kiermaier totally earned his Gold Glove but was he on every single Plays of the Month countdown and made spectacular catches almost daily? I know for a fact Kevin Pillar did.

The Gold Glove award honours the game’s best defensive players at their respective positions and Kevin Pillar was the best defensive center fielder (no offense to Kiermaier) in my opinion. In my mind, Kevin Pillar is superman. When I would watch the Jays (which would be everyday) if a ball was hit into the outfield and Pillar was there I would literally think to myself, “There’s nothing to worry about. Kevin will catch it. He always does.” And he always did. He was that good that he made fans not question or  worry about if he wasn’t going to catch it because he always caught the ball. I’m almost starting to think his glove’s magnetic or something.

The play I can remember most vividly is “The Catch”. That catch isn’t something a human can do, superman can though. It was April 15th 2015, also Jackie Robinson Day so everyone was wearing the number 42 on the back of their jerseys and they were playing against the Tampa Bay Rays. Tim Beckham stepped up to the plate and as soon as he connected with the ball, I was like “She’s gone!” The ball soared to left and it really looked like a sure homer. Then Kevin Pillar leaped up and stuck his shoe into the padding of the wall which acted kind of like a step and caught the ball. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched that play but I still don’t know how he did it. Blue Jays announcers Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler weren’t even sure if Pillar actually caught it because it was just that unbelievable.

The fact that Kevin Pillar didn’t win a Gold Glove actually makes me sad. In the 2015 season, he made so many amazing diving catches and I almost would actually bet money that he could make an awesome diving catch with his eyes closed. He finally proved himself to the Jays as an everyday player and then makes these incredible catches almost everyday that deserve to be awarded. But I can’t go back in time and change the MLB’s decision. Kiermaier was a great choice and I respect their decision. I can’t wait for the 2016 season to start up because who knows what Kevin and his glove have in store. It will be good. I can guarantee that.

Below is a video to of Kevin Pillar’s outstanding catches. Prepare to be amazed!